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Mali’s president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita Resigns after arrest.

Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita announces his resignation hours after he was arrested and detained by the military.

Keita announced through a national television that he was resigning to avoid the bloodshed of the Malians.

” I want no blood to be spilled to keep me in power.” He said.

The rebel soldiers who had arrested their president were celebrated along streets of Bamako by citizens who also demanded for Keita’s resignation.

(Soldiers celebrated along streets of Bamako)

However, the Economic Community of West Africa states (ECOWAS) has rejected the arrest and detention of Malian president, ordering sanctions against the masterminds of the act.

Ibrahim Boubacar Keita, while announcing his resignation on a national television noted that he had also resolved his government.

He was detained together with prime minister Boubou Cisse Tuesday August 18.

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