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Police grill Sakaja after he does this to the DCI boss

Johnson Sakaja.

Embattled Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was on Friday evening questioned at the DCI offices in Kiambu road for more than one hour.

Sources told Nyanza Daily that Sakaja presented himself at the DCI offices after media reports and rumours of his impending arrest for allegedly presenting questionable academic credentials from Teams University in Uganda to the IEBC.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigation had vowed to investigate and prosecute anyone involved in academic fraud to cheat their way to the leadership positions. However Sakaja in a show of might had on Friday morning dared the DCI boss George Kinoti to arrest him as he remained defiant amidst accusations of academic forgery.

“Threats of arrest and persecution by the state will not intimidate us or change the will of the people of Nairobi. Our resolve remains firm. Bwana DCI Kinoti, I’m at my Riverside office, karibu or let me know if you’d like me to come over.” Said Sakaja.

The Nairobi senator added that his qualifications were legit and that the people of Nairobi will still elect him despite the shenanigans around his degree.

“Your office will not install a project on the people of Nairobi. My qualifications are legit and the relevant institutions have refused to play along with your games. Let the people decide.” He continued.

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