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Jimi Wanjigi dismisses talk of 2 horse Race saying he is the 3rd Horse

Safina party presidential aspirant Jimi Wanjigi today challenged Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta to follow the example set by his predecessor the Late President Mwai Kibaki and truly hang his political boots.

Speaking after joining Worshippers at a service at ACK Emmanuel Church Wahundura, Wanjigi said that the constitution clearly stipulates the Presidential term limits, however it has become undeniably clear that the Head of State still desires to have a seat at the head of the nation’s political table after his rule was done.

He has called on the Mount Kenya community to once again summon its strength to bring impactful change to the nation.

Reflecting on past instances such as with the MauMau resistance and the second liberation, Wanjigi stated that the community played a pivotal role in voting in the reigning regime and must heed the call to vote them out too in its mutated Azimio and Kenya Kwanza forms.

On the occasion of Labor Day, the businessman turned politician emphasized that the only numbers that matter were the 5.4 Million educated but unemployed Kenyans in the country. He reiterated and said that this was a problem that would only get worse if not addressed effectively. He called on the youth to take a decisive political stand to avert social and economic disaster.

Wanjigi once again rubbished the two horse race narrative, asserting that they were mere tribal groupings. The Presidential candidate stated that he represented the collective thinking of the nation’s majority embedded in the Safina Party philosophy of “itwika”; breaking the shackles from past bondage and taking the reigns of leadership. Jimi Wanjigi has hinted that his running mate will reflect the true face of the nation.

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