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Jesus Christ refreshes the soul

Jesus Christ is the one who refreshes our souls.

The bible expressly says, in the book of Psalms 34:8, that ‘Taste the Lord, and you will see that He is good,’ Of course, the goodness – of which some translations use the word ‘sweet’ – being referred to here, has got nothing to do with the taste that is in honey or sugar. The sweetness here is purely figurative. The sweetness is Jesus Christ.

That extra goodness that you get whenever you eat honey is what the author compared to what you’d feel should you ‘taste’ The Lord.

Comes as a package
In other words, there is everything good that comes with the Lord – and in the Lord. There is nothing that would upset anyone who has received The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ comes as a package. When you get Him, you receive all the goodness that comes with Him.

Indeed, during the time that Jesus Christ was still here on earth, Our Lord put it clear that there is nothing that anyone would do without Him. What else would make your soul satisfying other than this? What else would make you more hopeful than knowing that the one who is your Lord has surpassed every hindrance, and is the owner of everything? That is what refreshes my mind big time.

Whenever I hear that the creator of heaven and earth, and the overcomer of death is with me, I get over refreshed in me to the point that I forget anything that would have come to rob away my happiness from me.

Take heart and be joyous
In the book of Matthew 24, Jesus was speaking to His disciples on the events that would precede His second coming. It is good to note that He pointed – and outlined – every bad thing that would happen here on earth, just before He comes back. However, with all those warnings, He went ahead to encourage those who were His followers to take heart, and be joyous.

There is always something special in whoever has Jesus Christ in heart. That is what refreshes most. Having Jesus Christ in your heart; He is the hope of Glory. For instance, in the book of John 16:33, He puts it so well, “These things I have spoken unto you, that in me you might have peace. In this world you shall have tribulations: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world,”

Victory over the last enemy
In the above quoted scripture, Jesus had already spoken to His disciples, and He did not want them to remain with sad faces. He had just told them how things were going to be tough, since they were His followers. He didn’t want them to stay in the same situation forever. He wanted them to know that there is light ahead. He wanted them to know that there was still Glory ahead of them. Glory that was ahead of the disciples was largely anchored on Jesus’ impending overcoming victory over the last enemy: death. That was to become the main source of hope and joy that the disciples were to have.

It’s therefore suffice to state that any Christian has something that makes him or her refreshed at heart. And everything boils down to the fact that the presence of Jesus Christ in our hearts plays a very crucial role in making sure that we have hope over any difficulty that would beset us.
Anyone who feels that there is no hope in life, might just be suggesting that there is no Christ in his or her heart. Whoever has Jesus Christ, has got hope that keeps on refreshing him or her any day, any time.

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