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I won’t ‘swear you in’ again, Miguna Miguna tells Raila

Abrasive lawyer Miguna Miguna has hit out on Raila Odinga once again, saying that he is not ready to swear him in again.

Miguna Miguna has said that he is not willing to go with the Azimio leader, after Raila Odinga, on Monday, said that he doesn’t recognise Ruto’s presidency, and any other appointments that Kenya Kwanza government is doing.

“We do not recognise the Kenya Kwanza administration as a legitimate government, and Ruto as the president or any official in his government,” Raila said.

The hard-hitting Canada-based barrister was in all media stations in 2018 January, when he swore-in Raila as the ‘people’s president’. After that, the government, then under President Uhuru Kenyatta, whisked him away to Canada. This came after he was sedated at the airport then flawn to Canada via Asia. However, the camaraderie between him and Raila didn’t last long as he started to blame Raila for ‘neglecting’ him after the opposition leader shook hands with President Uhuru Kenyatta. On his tweeter handle, the lawyer has now come out to disown Raila. “Please tell conman @RailaOdinga that General @MigunaMiguna isn’t available to swear him in as the People’s President, nor am I prepared to help him boycott or resist the DULY-ELECTED President of the Republic of Kenya. The cowardly and treacherous conman is on his own!” Miguna Miguna wrote.

Miguna Miguna has since come back home after the election of President William Ruto into office. He came back to Kenya on October 20th, last year.

Miguna Miguna is known for his abrasiveness, boldness, intrepidity and (sometimes) careless talk that is laced with bravado and pride. The lawyer is currently out of the country (in Canada), but can now enjoy free travels from Canada to Kenya – and to any other country, something that he didn’t enjoy since the previous Kenyan government imposed on him red alerts against traveling to any country in the world.

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