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Hyun Jin Preston Moon calls for Korean-Led Re-Unification Process in the Peninsula

Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon

The Global Peace Foundation founder and Chairman Dr. Hyun Jin Preston Moon has called upon the Korean people to take charge of their destiny and create a new nation that would rise above the existing framework of the current division.

Speaking during a Virtual Forum on One Korea this morning, Dr. Moon emphasized that unification of the peninsular must be Korean led and that other powers cannot be allowed to dictate the fate of the Korean people as they have done throughout the 20th century.

Moon who is the Author of the award winning book Korean Dream: A Vision for a Unified Korea called on the US government to make a Korean-led process for unification its foreign policy goal backed by its commitment to support the process both economically and geopolitically.

“Where governments have failed, the torch should pass to civil society movements of the Korean people themselves at home & abroad; that coalesces their popular will & also builds strong international support for their cause” said Moon.

Others who spoke at the virtual conference organized by the Global Peace Foundation in conjunction with Action for Korea United included the Founder and Former President, Heritage Foundation Dr. Edwin Feulner, the President of the Global Peace Foundation Mr. James P. Flynn, Former Chairman of Committee of Foreign Affairs and Unification, National Assembly of the Republic of Korea Hon. Choong Whan Kim, President, University of North Korean Studies Amb. Dr. Ho-Young Ahn:, Dr. William Parker III, Dr. Huiyao Wang, and Mr. In-Teck Seo:Co-Chair, Action for Korea United.

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