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How attempts by locals to save Baba Mona & family failed

The late Baba Mona and daughter.

Details have emerged as to how the locals along the Londiani Muhoroni road unsuccessfully tried to save the lives of Baba Mona and family.

According to some eyewitnesses, they heard a loud bang in a nearby bush forcing them to rush at the scene some minutes later.

To their shock, they found a car that had veered off the road, rolled several times and to make it worse, the vehicle was damaged beyond repair with all doors closed with victims inside. They did not know who the occupants were, but one thing was clear to them- that it was not well with those who were in the car from the helpless sounds they were making.

Left with no hope, they tried to look for an ambulance, but none was arriving on time given the lonely nature of the road with no major facilities such as health centers and police stations to respond to such emergencies. Those who have used Londiani Muhoroni road would attest to this fact.

“Sisi tulijaribu kutafuta ambulance lakini ilikuwa ngumu kupata kwa sababu barabara haina ata hospitali karibu. Tulichanganyikiwa. Ingekuwa mahali kama town centre labda wengine wangesaidika kabla kupoteza damu sana (We tried our best to seek for emergency services but none was coming our way due to the lonely nature of the road with no hospitals around. Maybe some victims would have been rescued before bleeding to death if it was somewhere near town center.”) Said one witness by the name Silvester.

The abrupt death of Baba Mona, his daughter Mona and two sisters shocked the country with reports revealing that they were headed to Kisumu when the black vehicle they were in got involved in a grisly road accident near Kipkelion coffee Mill in Koru. Baba Mona was reportedly supposed to drop his two sisters at Awasi before proceeding with his daughter Mona to Kisumu city.

The late Baba Mona was a popular Tiktoker who entertained his followers with very educative content. Those who came across his content confessed that he never shied away even from the most controversial topics touching on relationships as long as he was factual. Below are samples of how he was mourned by a number of Kenyans:

“His actually one of the main reason i joined tiktok…the man was full of advice…rest in peace my friend”

“So sad, just saw them lying lifeless hapa st vincent mortuary 4 people from one family😭😭😰😰😰”

“So many people who didn’t know him personally but through his educative videos have been hit so hard.. me included. Take heart everyone and may God grant the rest of his family and close friends peace and strength.”

“My neighbor has passed away. Mona is my son’s classmate and close friend. He’s been asking about her as she was absent from school today. He even went to their house twice to check on her. It’s so heartbreaking that his body is just lying here at St. Vincent mortuary.”

Below is the last tiktok video by mama Mona the other day before his sudden death:

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