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Hive Global Leadership Program mentors Africa’s Purpose-driven Leaders

Prominent Rwandan entrepreneur, Dr. Sina Gerard, has urged young African leaders to remain steadfast in their pursuit of business success. This message was delivered during his keynote address at the inauguration of the Hive Global Leaders Programme 8.0 on October 12, 2023, in the esteemed Ubumwe Grande Hotel, Kigali.

Dr. Gerard, a multifaceted businessman and philanthropist who owns the Rwandan food-processing company, Urwibutso Enterprises, among other ventures, attended the event alongside his daughter. His diverse business interests include pig farming, timber production, baking, supermarket ownership, spice manufacturing, and philanthropy.

The opening ceremony also included the presentation of the 2023 Hive Awards, with recipients including Mr. Patrick Uduma, MD/CEO of Icren Services Ltd, Mr. Michael Ephraim of Golden Star Resources, and Sir Adesola Olusade, Permanent Secretary FCTA in Nigeria.

Hive Africa, an integral part of the global Hive community composed of exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs committed to global improvement, is hosting the eighth edition of its influential Hive Global Leadership Program in Africa. The program commenced on October 11, 2023, at the Ubumwe Grande Hotel and included a poignant visit to the Kigali Genocide Memorial on October 12th.

The Hive Global Leadership Program is a transformative three-day workshop dedicated to nurturing purpose-driven leaders across Africa. Attendees delve into a range of pertinent topics such as leadership, entrepreneurship, purposeful living, personal development, financial literacy, and global systems thinking.

Grace Osula, CEO of Hive Africa, remarked, “We are thrilled to form a community of passionate individuals eager to effect positive change in the world.” The emphasis for this year’s program, ‘The Power of Gratitude,’ seeks to underline the significance and influence of gratitude in the lives of purpose-driven leaders within a supportive, diverse, and inspiring community.

The program boasts a lineup of distinguished speakers and experts from a variety of fields, including mission-aligned businesses, global leadership, design thinking, social change, and entrepreneurship. Attendees have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, learn from these industry leaders, and network with like-minded peers committed to bettering the world.

The 2023 program’s notable speakers include Mr. Lucky Uwakwe, Founder of the Sabi Group in Nigeria, Dr. Nanre Emeje from the Federal government of Nigeria, Dr. Doyin Olorunfemi from Brunei University in the UK, and Mr. Daniel Juma Omondi, CEO of the Global Peace Foundation Kenya. Mr. Omondi took the opportunity to discuss the African Renaissance and announce the forthcoming 2024 Global Peace Leadership Africa Conference, scheduled for June 25-27, 2024.

Hive Global was established in 2014 in San Francisco, CA, USA, and has since cultivated a community of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs focused on creating a better world. It offers a collaborative platform for purpose-driven individuals to expand their businesses, hone their leadership skills, and collectively realize their dreams.

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