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Obado in trouble as bribed nurse worsens his murder case

Governor Okoth Obado and the late Sharon.

The murder case against Migori governor Okoth Obado on Thursday took a new twist after two clinical officers told the court that they were bribed to forge medical reports.

A clinical officer by the name Cliff Momanyi revealed that he was given 1,500 Kenya shillings to lie that Okoth Obado’s personal assistant Mr. Michael Oyamo had been attacked by thugs on the same night Sharon Otieno was murdered.

“All the medical documents were forgeries… I am the one who did the forgeries and received Ksh.1,500… I regret my actions,” said Momanyi.

The second witness, Justus Magati Moindi also told the court that Oyamo and Caspal Obiero approached him a day after the murder of Sharon to fake a second medical report indicating that the PA needed to go for a special treatment in Kisumu following an attack.

“When the two came, Caspal told me that they had a problem and they wanted to see me privately. I  asked whether it was related to medical treatment and they said yes. I asked them to go and buy a card at the reception but they told me before they could buy, they wanted to talk to me,” Moindi told the court, adding that the report was to show how he had multiple injuries.

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