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Bandits kill man and steal his camels in Burat Isiolo county

A man was killed in Burat Isiolo county by bandits as he was headed home with his camels. According to the Isiolo county police commander Hassan Barua the man was attacked by people from the neighboring community of Samburu who killed him and stole his camels.

This incident took place at the west location of Burat ward at around 8 o’clock on Sunday evening. The search to hunt the bandits and finding the stolen camels is ongoing where six camels have already been recovered.

‘The police are still on the lookout in searching for the remaining camels and the rustlers,’ Said Mr. Barua. Despite herdsmen from Isiolo returning their camels at late hours, he has urged them to at least try and reschedule their timings a bit earlier when they do not have to worry about insecurity.

He further pleaded with the communities affected not to take the matter into their own hands and revenge on the incident, citing that the police are doing their best to ensure they bring back the remaining missing camels.

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