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Kisumu’s compounds and Lawns maintenance Services

Sporadic flash floods that wreaked havoc in Elgon View Estate, Kisumu, subjected many home compounds and lawns to irreparable states. The victims enquired on our services, that we’d bring back the lost beauty of their lawns. Aware of our much-needed services, we, at Landscapers and Agronomy, stepped in. As promised, we restored the lost beauty of the flood ravaged areas, and even went ahead to creating water fountains. That way, our clients noticed the many other services that we provide.

Modern gazebos
Kisumu being a city just adjacent to Lake Victoria, people staying there have been treated to high humidity and sweltering temperature. We have taken care of that. We’ve built modern gazebos, where home residents can relax in at the heat of the day, enjoying a sieved breeze that hisses its voice in between dancing palm leaves.

We are also responsible for the snaking drive-ways that slithers between the lawns, water fountains and trees that stand at the center of compounds and lawns. The drive-ways are designed in the manner that there is no waters that would stagnate on it. In addition, we avoid any chances of potholes ever dug by water along the drive-ways, which would hinder the smooth driving or trekking within the compound.

A call to action
The work to repair the compounds and lawns made Kisumu residents look for Landscapers and Agronomy, our company. This’s a reason why you need to call us, or email us, to get our services.

Other than just concentrating on lawn-mowing and general ground beautification work, our other effort is geared towards giving your home an increased value. We endeavor to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. This we do with an aim of reducing the time your property is on the market. We make sure that we do this with our real focus trained on your customer satisfaction.

Having customer satisfaction firmly stuck in the mind, we make sure that any installation that we do is friendly to whoever would later occupy the property. In other words, much as the services that we offer are top-notch, we make sure that the services are not only tailored to a specific individual, but rather, can blend with whoever would be the next occupant.

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