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Kenya and Canada in bilateral talks

President William Ruto (seated at the centre), with Canadian Foreign Minister, Ms Melanie Joly (far left) at State House, Nairobi.

Kenya and Canada are working on a labour migration framework that will enable more Kenyans to get skilled jobs in the North American country.

President William Ruto said Kenya will align the training of health workers at the Kenya Medical Training College and technical and vocational institutions with the Canadian curricula to respond to the needs of the country’s job market. The President said that that would bolster the relationship between Kenya and Canada.

“Kenya’s workforce is our greatest resource. It is well-trained and hardworking. Even as we invest in sectors that will create employment in the country, opportunities for Kenyans abroad are another way to lift up our young people,” the President said.

The President spoke at State House Nairobi when he met Canadian Foreign Minister, Ms Melanie Joly.

Officials from two the countries will also hold a meeting in Canada, next month, to develop plans to boost bilateral relations between Kenya and Canada.

On the Sudan crisis, the Canadian government confirmed its readiness to give support in the humanitarian efforts front.

Weighing on the same South Sudan talks, President Ruto said a three-pronged approach has been agreed upon to stop the conflict, and return the country on the road to civilian rule.

“The US and Saudi Arabia have engaged the warring parties to ceasefire. The United agencies and other humanitarian organisations are ready to offer assistance to the people and the other priority is to amplify the voice of civilians in the resolution of the conflict,” he said.

Ms Joly pledged that Canada will support any civilian contribution towards peace and democracy in the youngest African country.

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