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Biodiversity will promote food production, youth told

Youth have been asked to embrace biodiversity and current technological advancements to increase food production.

During an environment meeting, Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM), the you youth were also challenged to be on the forefront, with the prevailing technological advances that are currently sweeping across all sectors, if championing for the change in agricultural diversity.

The same sentiments were echoed by International Funds for Agricultural Development (IFAD) regional climate and environmental specialist Paxina Chilese, who highlighted their innovative approaches supporting biodiversity, conservation and agricultural risk management. “It helps to support nutritional diversity, adaptation options and ecosystem resilience in light of climate change, combating dissatisfaction and other global threats,” Chilese said.

The youth meeting, dubbed “Harnessing biodiversity’s potential for managing climate risks in food systems” was organized by PARM.

PARM’s Capacity Development expert Francesca Nugnes noted that developing capacities, assessing the risks and investing to halt biodiversity are among the possible actions to build risks on for combating climate risks.

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