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Atwoli dismisses hustler narrative says it’s pure conmanship

Francis Atwoli.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli has strongly castigated the Hustler Narrative, terming it as total conmanship.

While addressing the press today at his residence, the COTU boss urged Kenyans not to be carried away by the small handouts being issued by the propellers of that narrative. According to Atwoli, the last-minute handouts are not empowerment as per se but only meant to woo ignorant citizens into voting for the Deputy President.

Mr. Atwoli further alleged that the wheelbarrows are usually issued then collected back. “We are told in the evening they are collected. Those young men are given two thousand shillings each to buy wheelbarrows; then they are put in a canter tomorrow and presented elsewhere.” Pronounced Atwoli.

He added that the hustler narrative is a preparation for skirmishes and cited MP Johanna Ngeno for inciting young men and drumming up drums of war by calling for rebellion against the government leaders.

Atwoli called upon the authorities concerned to prosecute such people in court for engaging in inciteful remarks.

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