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Somali Defence Force to take over as KDF mulls exit

Kenya Defense Force troops in Somalia

The Kenya Defence force (KDF) troops are likely to hand over the Somali security control to the Somali defence forces as plans are underway to exit Somalia by 2021. The forces troops under the African Union mission to Somalia (AMISON) have begun preparing for their pull out.

The Kenya defense force soldiers landed in Somalia ten years ago, under the concept of the AMISON operations that took over the military operations in the state.

Before the exit, the troops under AMISON had been grooming and mentoring the Somali defence forces, preparing them to take over their country’s military operations. Somali troops have been conducting several self operations under the guide of AMISON led troops. The troops mandate implementation guides were developed by the AMISON in 2018.

Many Kenyans have taken to social media, demanding the government to order the KDF troops to come back and take over military operations in Kenya. Kenya has been experiencing series of attacks led by the Al-Shabab terrorists, latest being the attack on a military airstrip in Lamu county, which killed three US personnel

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