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A Kisii woman yet to be enterred five years after her murder

Police take back to mortuary the remains of Ms Catherine Sarange.

A body of a woman in Kisii will still have to stay longer in mortuary before burial, five years after she was murdered in a cold blood.

Ms Catherine Sarange was murdered in June 17, 2017, and her body has been staying in Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital (KTRH) for all those years due to tussles that have now taken cultural and traditional angle.

According to Kisii culture, a woman cannot be interred without a consent from her immediate relatives. But in Ms Sarange’s case, it looks like mortuary attendants will still have to see her body for sometimes because the decreased husband and children ran away for fear of suffering the same fate.

Sarange’s death was occasioned by a land tussle which involved the buying and its selling. Yesterday, the planned burial of Sarange’s body was again postponed by Kisii Senior Principal Magistrate Carolyne Ocharo after she ordered the eviction of the woman’s husband, their children and a third owner who had bought a section of the property from the woman.

This is the second time that the deceased body is being taken back to the morgue after the aborted planned burial. On Monday, Kisii Central police boss Amos Ambasa ordered that the body be returned to the mortuary – now a second time.
“I am urging you to be calm and continue with your work as usual. Return the body to the mortuary and plan how you will accord Catherine a proper burial,” Mr Ambasa said.

Before her disappearance and a reported murder in 2017, Sarange had complained of tug of between her and another neighbor of hers who wanted to forcefully take the firmer’s land, to expand his investment project.

From there, Sarange’s mutilated body was found in a septic tank already decomposing. The police started to do investigations, but they were slothful that after sometimes, it looked like they would not conclude the investigations in time.

Villagers have urged all the stakeholders to make sure that the bereaving family gets justice even if it will still take some times for the body to stay at KTRH morgue.

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