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One- On-One with Kisumu’s Digital Marketer – Nancy Okutah

1. What is your name? My name is Nancy Okutah.

2. Where are you located? I’m a blogger and a resident of Kisumu town.

3. Tell us about your business/company:  I’m a founding member of a Digital Media and Branding firm, KOKO Media firm in charge of Marketing and Public Relations in the organization. We make constructive noise for brands, hence the name, “KOKO” a luo word meaning noise. In a nutshell, we make unknown brands, start ups, SMEs and established firms to be known to their clients in a wider scope by creating for them online content, develop short and long-term strategies, do trends, photography, videography, live reporting and branding.During my free time, I do community service with Rotaract and Lions Clubs of Kisumu.

Nancy Okutah

4. What gap is your company filling in the society, what are you solving? KOKO Media originated from a meeting between ‘influential’ friends from Kisumu who were working on different things online, we came up together and formed one registered firm to propel our digital activities to a higher scope. We noticed that there was a gap especially SMEs that relied on walk ins, and had not tapped into the digital marketing to tap into new clientele. We solved that problem by creating and handling their digital platforms, create content and respond to clients’ inquiries.

5. Why is your company Unique? Our company is purely founded by youth, under 35. We are young people creating opportunities and building networks through the digital space, which many people take for granted. The online space pays our bills and sustains us comfortably.

6. What transformation are you/company making in Nyanza and Western Kenya? We are the first company to handle publicity for international actors like Congolese artists Ferre Gola and Werrason in Kisumu, Nyanza. Initially our focus was for businesses in Kisumu but with time we have stretched to other counties trying to map them digitally. Currently we are working in partnership with Google to map businesses across Western Kenya in Google My Business (GMB) campaign.

7. What is your take on Technology and Innovation in Nyanza region? Nyanza is growing Tech-wise, with hubs like Lake Hub and Gulf Hub giving opportunities to youths to build and market their innovative ideas and be able to tap into global funding to help them implement their ideas for the benefit of the community.

8. What is the future of social media? Social Media is diverse and changes daily. We are moving from an era where it was used for gossip and entertainment, to an era where it’s going to create employment opportunities to millions of youths across the world.

9. Why must every company embrace digital marketing and social media in the wake of COVID-19. Covid-19 pandemic has led to the limitation of physical human contact but not interaction. Businesses now have the opportunity to document and package their goods and services online to reach a wider target market.

10. How can people reach you?


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