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What next for Governor Ann Waiguru after impeachment?

Kirinyanga Governor Ann Waiguru on Tuesday came face to face with the bitter reality following her ouster by the members of Kirinyaga county assembly.The motion, which was backed by 23 mcas sealed Waiguru’s fate following various accusations of gross misconduct, irregular award of tenders and abuse of office.
Besides, the governor was also accused of intentionally failing to submit county policies and plans to the county  assembly for approval.Therefore, the  MCAs argued that they were denied a chance to air their views on crucial county plans.
On her side, madam Waiguru dismissed the motion as illegal since she had obtained a court order prohibiting any impeachment proceeding(s) against her until the court addressed the issues that her legal team had raised.She claimed that she will not give in to the dark forces that were aimed at bullying her.
The motion having gone through, the bark now stops with the speaker of the Kirinyaga county assembly to forward the same to the speaker of the Senate Mr.Kenneth Lusaka within two days.
Madam Waiguru’s fate is now in the hands of the Senators who will further debate her impeachment and vote for or against the county resolutions.It is believed that the current political situation in the Upper house pitting Tangatanga against Kieleweke senators is likely to manifest itself once more in the Waiguru issue.

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