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We target 15m members by 2027, Cleophas Malala

Cleophas Malala, addressing residents in Amagoro, Busia County.

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Secretary General Cleophas Malala has said that UDA will be the largest political outfit in Kenya come 2027.

The Secretary General was speaking yesterday in Amagoro, Busia County, when he led a UDA recruitment drive, and to pupularize the ruling party in Busia County.

Malala has been in charm offensive in the past few months in areas believed to be Raila Odinga’s political ‘bedroom’, to try to woo the hitherto Raila’s loyal supporters to join them in UDA.
“We will not force you to join UDA, but eventually many of you will find yourselves in the President’s party,” Malala said.

Using the analogy of a chicken that is to be caught, the UDA SG said: “You know when you want to catch a chicken, you don’t chase it around because it will embarrass you. So, you have to be clever. You give it maize while moving into the house and the moment it gets into the house, you close the door.”

“We are going to work closely with you and make sure you get services from the government until you find yourselves in UDA.”

The President’s mission, he said, is to transform the country and make Kenya an admirable nation not only in East Africa but also in Africa and the whole world.

“We want you to support the President in his work,” Malala, who was once a strong ODM supporter, said.

“We do not want to force anybody to join UDA. But we want you to see what the President is doing so that you join UDA yourself.”

Cleophas Malala was once a strong critic of William Ruto – the time he was a darling in Raila’s inner sanctum of politics. However, that is not the true picture of what is happening today.

Malala will still continue to push for the recruitment of members into UDA party to increase the party’s chances of clinching (and maintaining) presidency come 2027.

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