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Tanzania escalates Trade war with Kenya; withdraws from Negotiations.

The Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) boss Mr Gilbert Kibe has announced that Tanzania has abandoned bilateral negotiation efforts to end the stalemate between the two neighboring countries.

According to Mr. Kibe, Tanzania is , demanding that Kenya relaxes the restrictions on Covid-19 before they can allow the resumption of flights between the two countries.

President Magufuli administration had banned Kenyan airlines from flying into Tanzania, thereby causing a standoff and weakening business operations between the two countries.

The ban was as a result of Kenya’s decision to exclude Tanzanians from the list of the nationals exempted from the mandatory Covid-19 quarantine.

Kenya Airways

Kenya had put strict laws and health measures to help control the spread of covid19, forcing all foreign nationals jetting into the country to undergo mandatory 14 days self quarantine, a decision Tanzania’s head of state did not welcome. As a result, President Magufuli banned all flights from Kenya to Tanzania.

Kenya is optimistic that the curve will soon be flattened as the recent number of infections have greatly reduced.

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