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Ruto ready for tea with Raila Odinga but not handshake

This election is done, we can see the horizon and the people of Kenyans have made a decision

Deputy President William Ruto today announced that he is ready to take tea with Azimio One Kenya Coalition Raila Odinga after next week’s election but ruled out any scheme that would bring confusion in his administration like the handshake has done.

Speaking at his final rally held in Nyayo Stadium on 6th August 2022, the United Democratic Alliance presidential candidate that he will facilitate him to play his role as the leader of official opposition. ” I will not participate in anything that undermines the constitution of Kenya. I wont participate in anything brings confusion between the separation of power and brings confusion in government” he said.

Ruto committed that on 9th August when Kenyans make their decision, he will accept the same because they are democrats who believe in institutions and that a peaceful Kenya is good for everybody no matter where they come from.

Speaking without a written script, the Deputy President took the opportunity to hit out at what he called the system and deep state and added that the Kenyan people will prevails over any plans to interfere with the elections. Ruto said the choice on Tuesday is as clear as day and night and asked Kenyans to choose the leaders with a plan to change the lives of Kenyans as opposed to the team that says stories of the stories of the past.

Ruto told the youth of Kenyans that his Kenya Kwanza has a Marshall plan on youth employment and promised to deploy 200 billion shillings to create jobs for millions of youth who are out of school today and urged the youth to vote the team that has a plan to change their lives.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance flag bearer spoke about the Hustlers Fund of Kshs. 50 billion shillings that will give interest free loans to empower small scale traders, boda boda riders and other blue collar traders who will not have to borrow from shylocks anymore. Ruto promised a health insurance which will enable every Kenyans to be treated for free through the National Health Insurance Fund.

On corruption, Ruto said that the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his competitor Raila Odinga had created a created a system that enabled state capture to thrive by the opposition working together with those in government.

Promising to fight state capture, Ruto told Odinga that his friends, and family members stole money meant for Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA) and created covid billionaires money and accused him of running a laundry to clean those who have stolen Kenyans’ money.

He promised independence of the criminal justice system to ensure the institutions charged with fighting corrupt do their jobs without interference from the system. He promised financial independence for the courts which they have never had since independence. “The Kenya Kwanza plan is the only one that can fight corruption” he said and urged Kenyans not to go backwards but to march forward and promising to fulfil the charters he signed with various sections of the country.

Ruto asked every Kenyans to make they sure they play their part and make sure Kenya has peaceful election and transition saying that he loves Kenya so much that he will not participate in anything that under mines the motherland.

He assured President Uhuru Kenyatta that although they went different parts, he will build on their foundation and he shouldn’t worry that he will do better a better job than the president. “You have nothing to fear because I will respect the things we did together. I will respect the foundation we have built but will add to it…It is going to be phenomenal,” the deputy president said.

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