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Raila Odinga: We are on the verge of a great victory

I will shake their hand if I win or if I lose because I love Kenya says Azimio presidential flag bearer

Azimio One Kenya Coalition presidential candidate Raila Odinga has made his final submission and told Kenyans that he has seen the promised land.

Addressing a mammoth crowd at the Moi International Sports Centre Nairobi, the former Prime Minister said he was on the ballot to make Kenya a first class global democracy and economy.

“Fellow Kenyans, Wangari and Amolo are not simply running to win an election. We are running to make Kenya a first-class global democracy and economy. We are running to build a Kenya of hope and opportunity; a Kenya not of 45 individual tribes but one big Kenyan tribe.” he said.

Odinga thanked his supporters who have stood by him throughout the years as he sought to lead the country and assured them that his attempt at Kenya’s 7th election was the opportune moment adding that the number 7 was a providential number.

“Thank you for keeping the flames of freedom alive in our country. Thank you also for standing with me in the many years of struggle to liberate Kenya. Thank you for the battles we have fought together” said Odinga.

Odinga saluted his wife Ida Odinga terming her the strongest human being she has ever met. ” Every time they put me behind bars in the ‘80s, they thought they had stopped the fight for Kenya, only for them to meet an even more relentless fighter in the person of Madam Ida Odinga, a fighter as determined as only a mother can be for her children”

He also praised his running mate Martha Karua said in her Kenyan will have a complete army to
fight for them and our country. “That is something you won’t find on the other side. There are neither fighters nor the fighting spirit on the other side” said Odinga.

Odinga assured Kenyans that he will continue with this HANDSHAKE DOCTRINE, the doctrine of unclenching the fist adding that for the sake of Kenya, he will shake the hand of his rivals and pay the political price if necessary. “Who do you feel will ensure the unity of the country no matter the election results? Is it the man who shook the hand of his bitter rival and brought national reconciliation and healing or the hand of the warmonger who is a deviant and a convicted thief?” he posed.

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