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Protests in Ugenya High School over Principal’s transfer

Ugenya High School students and parents recently staged a demonstration to protest the transfer of their school principal Mr. Clement Nyangacha.

The demonstrators voiced their concerns about the new principal, Mr. Bonaventure Olando, who has a history of being transferred from St. Mary’s Yala to Homabay and Kisii schools, where he was reportedly rejected.

The protesters carried signs and banners calling for the reversal of the transfer and demanding that their principal, who has been at Ugenya High School for several years, be reinstated.

In their petition, the protesters expressed concern that Mr. Olando’s past record of being transferred and rejected from other schools was a cause for alarm, and that his transfer to Ugenya High School would negatively impact the school’s performance and reputation.

They argued that the current principal Clement Nyangacha, who has been in the position for several years, has worked tirelessly to build the school’s reputation, improve academic standards, and foster a positive learning environment for the students.

Below is a piece of footage from the protest.

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