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President Ruto inherited just Ksh. 93M, Nandi senator insists

Samson Cherargei.

Nandi Senator Samson Charargei has reiterated his earlier claims that the current administration got just Ksh. 93 million in the treasury.

Speaking at Citizen TV during a morning breakfast show, the outspoken senator repeated his early sentiments that the immediate former administration only left a measly 93.7 million in the treasury as the country’s only savings. “The economy is no longer in ICU but dead – because H.E Ruto found only 93.7M at the treasury; Uhuru went home with everything. State Capture is real! The country is broke. Kenyans, be patient as H.E Ruto shall fix this through economic transformation & Prayers from all of us. Amen,” he wrote in an earlier tweet.

Ever since the Kenya Kwanza coalition assumed the reins of power, it has been blame games after blame games on why they haven’t fulfilled promises that they gave to Kenyans during their political campaigns. During his campaigns across the country, the now President promised Kenyans that he would lower the cost of Unga from the Ksh. 230 per 2kg packet, down to Ksh. 70. Till today, that promise has not been fulfilled.

Charargei further expressed confidence that the Ruto-led administration would fulfill its promises, noting that the ball has been set, and is now rolling. “The administration in place is really trying its best, the performance so far in the nine days is impressive and I think Kenyans are happy so far,” he said.
“The confirmation and appointment of the six judges has been done, the issue of financial autonomy to the IG has been done, provision of fertilizers and many other issues that the government of the day has done. So everything is running as scheduled. Of course, we have to appreciate that Ruto’s government inherited a dilapidated economy and we hope things will improve to where President Mwai Kibaki left.”
Kenyans will have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude even as they hope that things will be better than before.

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