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Chaos in Kayole as youths battle Police over curfew killing

  • Residents accuse Police for killing a fellow youth over curfew

Youths in Kayole on Thursday morning engaged the police in running battles after they allegedly shot and killed one of them for violating the 10pm curfew.

Kayole youths rioting after police shot one of them.

This Kayole incident which happened in Tushauriane area came in the wake of police officers being accused of killing two Kianjokoma brothers namely Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga and Benson Njiru Ndwiga for violating the curfew rules.

According to residents on the ground, the middle aged man from Kayole was shot and killed by the police officers manning the area moments after they arrested him.

Credible reports also disclosed that the man texted the number plate of the car which he was being transported in by the rogue officers.

In the meantime, the Kianjokoma brothers Benson and Emmanuel were also arrested by the police officers for allegedly flouting the laid down covid-19 containment measures.

Fast-forward, the lifeless bodies of the two, Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga, 19, and Benson Njiru Ndwiga, 22, were found lying at the Embu mortuary after they went missing on a Sunday.

Prior to their death, sources revealed that  the two young men had just began their business of selling pork at the Kianjokoma trading center.

As a result, the mother accompanied by the locals stormed the Manyatta police station in a bid to demand answers for the mysterious deaths of Emmanuel Mutura Ndwiga and Benson Njiru Ndwiga.

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