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Making good Use of the Youthful Energy

In the words of HP love craft, “I can only bear to talk much now, and then become as silent as the spectator himself.” Thus, my loquacity via Nyanza daily on this day of the lord, seeks to rant by excoriating certain beliefs or principles of leadership.

To begin with, I find it critical to remind the ardent reader, that since everyone arrived here against their volition, no individual bears the right to impose their will upon anyone. Lest under a unanimous decision by the people, or in the case of law.

In the republic of Kenya, politics is a preserve for the haves. Since many perceive, that politics is inseparable from development and that by far, remains the most reliable means through which substantial growth gets induced into the economy.

Hence, holding a political office by itself is a virtue, matching a ticket to eternal riches. About politicians, whereas some work to realize clear objectives, others prefer to appear as workers.

Consequently, those entrusted to serve often at times, end up serving themselves yet proving again that politics is driven by interest. This piece nonetheless, goes against the grotesque illustration of the fact that young people cannot unite towards contriving political solutions to politically instigated problems.

And that even so, the youth in their large numbers, cannot network to impose their collective will to influence change. In lieu, the antidote to corruption, nepotism and major counterproductive vices to national development is contained in a youthful mind. If you ask me, Kenya is better off with a youthful president gender notwithstanding. A youthful presidency would not belittle any protocols.

Raila Odinga, while expressing his faith in kazi mtaani, a government initiative aimed at putting billions in the pocket of the youth, argued out that while the youth are vulnerable, they also have the energy, mobility and flexibility to push forward a nation.

It is by the same school of thought, that endless possibilities can be availed, when the same youthful energy is made useful or concentrated at the top. Indeed, Kenya shall bask in glory on the day a Kenyan descent, aged 18 to 35, well accomplished and of outstanding character; obsessed with the core values of patriotism and integrity, gets entrusted with the most vital responsibility of presiding over the country.

One belief in our political system, propagated as myth, is yet a logic that attempts to identify the youth as people short of experience and wisdom to lead. Christ himself was barely thirty-three years of age when he accomplished his mission. In a nut shell, God uses the young.

What then, would one purport is beyond the control of the youth?  The world has rapidly evolved with technological inventions diversifying key production sectors such as Agriculture, Security, Hospitality and Trade. A youthful mind is better placed at approaching such like changes from fresh viewpoints.

Presently, occupies here in Kenya, a dynamic and half educated public, classified as citizens and inhabitants of a land which literally breastfeeds the world. This responsively, warmly suckles by the nipples of its infinite streams of wealth, ooze in natural and cultural resource.  

Oguna Mamba is a poet and a PR guru. Email:

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