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Education CS Magoha told to review term dates

Few months ago I brought forward my concerns on too much pressure being given to students. I Pointed out that CS Magoha was ill-advised on schools calendar/terms just to recover from Covid inflictions. I pointed out that because of this pressure students will resists. How can you force a form three to cover chemistry syllabus within 6 months of which there are other engagements within these six months
Come to mathematics, tell me how. Come to physics, narrate to me how. Come to English and literature, eti mwanafunzi will read those set books and study grammar within six months na afanye CATs and exams. Tell me how???

I have seen a number of you criticize stopping of corporal punishment and thorough beating by teachers to discipline. Eti hii ndio inaleta these strikes na mashule kuchomwa.
Being in school leadership almost all years of my studies and knowing what these students discuss sometimes. I CAN SAY WITHOUT FEAR OF CONTRADICTION THAT THE RIOTS ARE DUE TO TOO MUCH PRESSURE ON STUDENTS.

Another Mistake done by ill-advised CS education last week is to give a directive of school midterm without addressing the core problem.
By this Magoha as shown students that you will listen to their problems and on resuming, more schools will be set on fire just to force you relieve the pressure.

If you can drop it to Magoha the better. Tell him to consider reviewing school terms.


Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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