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Alai asks Sakaja to reign on construction workers

Robert Alai has asked Nairobi County governor Johnson Sakaja to act against construction workers who beat city askaris.

The Kileleshwa Member of the County Assembly (MCA) asked the County boss to see to it that the construction workers, at a site in Nairobi’s South C estate, be punished for roughing up County Officers who had gone to inspect a building construction site in South C.

The County officers are used to inspecting buildings under construction, and are therefore permitted to get access to any place that is suspected to be contravening County by-laws.

“The perpetrators of these vile acts must be apprehended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I demand immediate justice for the victims.

“This incident highlights the urgent need for reform and accountability within Nairobi City County’s governance. I call upon Governor Sakaja to break his silence on this horrific incident and take action to ensure those involved, from the attackers to any complicit officials, face the consequences for their actions,” Alai said.

According to the Nairobi City County Inspectorate Act, 2017, enforcement constables are among other things mandated to do patrols within the Nairobi Central Ward to maintain law and order and to enforce the Nairobi City County Bylaws.

“An inspectorate officer shall obey and execute all lawful orders in respect of the execution of duties which may from time to time receive from his superiors in the Inspectorate,” the law states.

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