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Why the latest Opinion Poll on BBI by TIFA will Shock You

Trends and Insights for Africa boss Maggie Ireri

Trends and Insights for Africa TIFA has released an opinion poll on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), revealing that it is likely to be defeated if elections were to be held today.

According to the research firm, only 29% of those who were surveyed would vote YES with 32% rejecting the BBI by voting NO.

On the other hand, 26% of those questioned admitted that they would not vote, with another 16% revealing that they were not very sure.

Since the launch of the final draft at Bomas of Kenya, The Building Bridges Initiative has undergone a number of challenges with various leaders castigating the report. Specifically, leaders allied to the Deputy President William Ruto have been pushing for amendment of some sections, terming it non-inclusive.

According to these leaders, the final draft did not capture all the concerns raised, forcing the steering committee to adjust some sections of the document.

As a result, the report is supposed to go through a referendum before the 2022 general elections but that has equally been met with fair share of challenges.

For instance, the second in command has insisted that the referendum questions should be multiple in a bid to give Kenyans a room to choose what they like and to reject what they don’t like.

On the other hand, the handshake proponents led by Raila Odinga have maintained that the Building Bridges Initiative report would head to a referendum with two questions of either YES or NO.

The two conflicting opinions with regards to the type of questions has continued to be a thorn on the flesh with Kenyans not sure of which route the report will take.

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