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I fired George Kinoti: President William Ruto

President William Ruto, during yesterday’s interview by Kenyan journalists.

President William Ruto yesterday revealed why George Kinoti exited the (NPS) National Police Service, as Director of Criminal Investigations.

In an interview with journalists on Wednesday night, the visibly irritated President William Ruto wondered why many bodies would be retrieved from the rivers but no actions would be taken to address the issue. In the run-up to the last general election, River Yala came into the limelight after tens of dead bodies (in the upwards of thirties) were found floating on its water, something that the police hasn’t addressed upto date. When fielding questions from journalists, at State House, yesterday at night, President William Ruto said that that is one of the reasons why he would not tolerate ‘that man Kinoti’. “There was a container at the Nairobi area where people were being slaughtered – in a police station – I mean how did we end up there…What kind of rogue an institution was that? That is why I fired that Kinoti man,” said a visibly angry President William Ruto.

However, the position taken by the President yesterday (on the reason behind Kinoti’s exit from the police service) seemed to be in sharp contrast with what he said months ago, in September, when he was naming his cabinet. During the naming of his Cabinet Secretaries, the President had said that Kinoti resigned. “I have received the resignation of DCI Kinoti and I have transmitted the same to the National Police Service to proceed with advertising the job and get someone to act in the position,” the President had earlier said at State House.

When the campaigns were at fiver pitch, last year, the DCI George Kinoti, seemed not to be reading from the same script with the now President William Ruto, since the political wing that President William Ruto ascribed to kept on lamenting on how the DCI office, and it’s boss, George Kinoti, used to proffer false charges against them (as what they saw to be a political witch hunt). Kinoti was seen to be supporting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Azimio coalition side, which was deemed to be enjoying trappings of power from the State.

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