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“Resign” Gem MP Elisha tells Deputy President William Ruto

Gem Mp Elisha Odhiambo

Gem member of parliament Elisha Odhiambo has urged the president to stand firm as the head of state in ensuring that the country remains united and safe from ethnical divisions.

Speaking at Aluor Primary boarding school in Gem Constituency where he joined the public opinion hearing on the creation of Gem Wagai Sub-County, Elisha said that instead of blackmailing the president using BBI report’s sideshows, the deputy president should resign and stop the engagements between him and the president.

He accused the DP of derailing the country’s economic development and demeaning the president. Odhiambo further stated that the campaigns led by the Tangatanga politicians are meant to threaten the unity of the Nation.

The Mp urged both elected and non-elected leaders to stop politicking and instead stay focused in the fight against poverty in the country. He mentioned that the Building bridges initiative (BBI) report provides a ground for youth enterprise as it offers a tax-free window for eight years in their businesses.

The deputy president William Ruto on Sunday, September 13 accused the politicians from Orange Democratic Movement (Odm) party of being enemies to development in the country.

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