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Eid-ul-adha ends in style as Isiolo Muslims crowd shops

Muslims during eid-ul-adha celebrations.

As Muslims globally wrapped up their eid-ul-adha celebrations, residents in isiolo county crowded shops and business centers to buy eid clothes and food staffs.

Eid ul adha is the celebration at the end of hajj and is the second eid celebrated by muslims in a year. Both eids are celebrated for different purpose.

Whereas eidul fitr is celebrated after the month of ramadhan which is same as the first day of the month of shawal of the muslim calendar. This festivities last for three consecutive days and this time it will be on Saturday 9th of july till 11th.

Eid-ul-adha is celebrated in the remembrance of prophet ibrahims great sacrifice. The purpose of celebrating this eid is to ensure that the underprivileged in the society get to eat the same as others. Therefore this eid brings people together.

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