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Court official arrested for taking bribe

A court official has been arrested for allegedly demanding a bribe of Ksh.400,000 from a client. He was to print court proceedings.

The official was nabbed after he is said to have already received Sh.50,000 as a down payment, after which the remaining Sh.350,000 would be settled upon concluding the deal.

The official was arrested on Friday after allegedly receiving a down payment of Sh50,000.

In a statement, EACC said the official had promised to expedite the printing and issuance of court proceedings in respect to a complainant’s court file.

“He was due to receive the balance when detectives pounced. The suspect was taken to EACC Police Station for processing,” EACC said.

The incidence came hot on the heels of another arrest of a police officer on Friday for allegedly extorting Sh30,000 from a complainant.

In the latter incident, EACC claimed the officer demanded the amount from the complainant to release two brothers he had arrested and locked in the cells since Thursday without booking them in the OB as required.

“The Commission received the complaint and conducted investigations leading to the officer’s arrest after receiving the demanded amount,” the anti-graft agency said.

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