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Author Atieno Aoko on a Mission to Sanitize the Toxic Dating Scene

A Kenya woman Aoko is this weekends’ twitter sensation after trending for the better part of 4th and 5th July taking on fellow Kenyan women on toxic feminism. The writer Atieno Aoko who goes by the name Maverick Aoko (@MaverickAoko) has a collection of articles in her blog where she provides dating tips to both men and women and especially takes on women who takes advantage of men to service their lifestyles.

In one of her articles entitled “Broke Nairobi Women Should Stop Putting Unreasonable Demands on Men”, Aoko describes the life of Nairobi slay queens who have made the dating scene expensive and unbearable for men especially during hard economic times like the covid19.

In one of her tweets, she has some words of advice for men like, “Men build your finances, buy stocks buy shares with the little Ksh 5000 you have. Do not waste that money on a bimbo. Build yourself. You don’t owe anyone KFC chicken, rent or shopping. Take that money to your mother and get her blessings #Aoko”

Aoko’s sentiments have drawn mixed responses with many women being critical while most men seem to agree with her.  For example Kencharisma (@thefixer254) says “All men should start following you IMMEDIATELY and RELIGIOUSLY. You are a Goddess living amongst us. Your similar to the GODDESS Cybele In the Hellenistic period of 323BC to 31 BC, Ancient Greece.”

She also has her fair share of critics like Mwende (@shantelmwende93) who tells Aoko, “Every man should invest on what he loves… Stop instigating this men… Women were born to be pampered loved and above all appreciated”

Aoko says women should not use their personal experiences with a few men to create a negative stereotype against men in general and says that men and women were not equal in anatomy, aptitude and even in day to day issues in life and as such the latter should accept their “place” in the society.

“I have no time for any form of feminism that has the word gender attached to it. I only have time for equity feminists. Those who recognize the glaring fact that men and women are not equal in our anatomy, aptitude and the issues we face,” she added.

For more on Aoko’s literary drama, visit her blog or follow her twitter handle @MaverickAoko

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