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“We will go State House after all” says Raila Odinga

Just a days after announcing that large crowds will not march to State Nairobi during the Monday demonstrations, Azimio leader has again said they will assemble at the CBD and then march to State House.

“Kenya is for all Kenyans. Tomorrow, we will go there (State House). We will meet near Parliament buildings and will head towards that direction,” Raila said at a church service in Rongai.

On Saturday. March 18, Odinga had told Sam Gituku during an interview on Citizen TV that only two or three people would go to state house and present a petition to President Ruto if he wont be at his Harambee House office. He had said that the representatives would seek an audience with the head of state to deliver the petition in person or leave it with the security team if Ruto would not be present.

The statement by Odinga now puts the protesters in collision with the police who have declared the demonstration illegal and that State House is a restricted area and out of bounds for mass protests.

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