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The Revolutionary Iron Lady, Martha Karua

By Maimuna Naima

In the traditional man’s world where women were meant to stay at home and tend to children, the significant nomination of Hon. Martha Karua on 16th May 2022 as a possible Deputy President of Kenya is a monumental development especially to the women of Kenya has made a revolution here in Kenya. Even for those who may not support Azimio La Umoja, the appointment of Hon. Karua is very difficult to ignore especially in a country where women have been marginalized in our very male dominated patriarchal politics.

Often described as the Iron Lady, Hon. Karua encourages Kenyan women to be just that. Strong and powerful. Those women in Kenya now know they have a voice through her and will motivate a majority of those who rarely vote to show up and vote her in. Her civil society background and reputation as a human rights activist is also worth celebrating.

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Karua’s potential rise to the second highest seat in the land is also a big boost for gender equality and great hope for those women who endure physical abuse by their partners or harassed by strangers on the streets without enough justice. Besides the above, the nomination of Ms. Karua is a greenlight for women interested in political seats to pursue them. Over the years women have bee timid to venture into the political scene but now they can easily vie for political seats.

The writer is a communication and public relations student at Rongo University and an intern at the Global Peace Foundation Kenya.

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