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Meet Rachel Tabitha of Raila Odinga’s youth resistance

Rachel Tabitha is the gorgeous feminine face of Raila Odinga’s recently launched Movement for the Defence of Democracy (MDD).

Before Azimio La Umoja’s anti-government protest rally at Kamukunji grounds on 5th February, neither her name nor face rang a bell in the minds of most Kenyans.

However after the Kamkunji rally in Kibra where Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga handed her the microphone to make a brief remark, the student leader became an internet sensation, thanks to her alluring beauty and her devotion to defend the ODM leader leader.

But who is this Rachel Tabithat? According to her social media bio she has a bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations. She is also member of the East African Youth Parliament and also works with Babu Owino communications team and calls herself the National Chair of Warembo na Babu Universities Chapter.

Ms. Rachel Tabitha is also a high-ranking leader of the Movement for Defence of Democracy (MDD), Azimio’s youth wing which has already attracted a lot of attention from Kenyans because of its military-like regalia.

Nyanza Daily will be following closely Tabitha’s political activities and bring you a more detailed profile of this extremely controversial woman.

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