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Man murders wife in pursuit of his child

A man, Patrick Mwangi, has stabbed his estranged wife to death after trailing her for a while in pursuit of his child.

Mr Patrick Mwangi is said to have killed Ms Eunice Syokau in Machakos County after having trailed her for several weeks. Rumours going round have it that the two were once love birds. In that process, they got a child before the two would go separate ways.

Mwangi – while in pursuit of his child – is suspected to have brutally murdered Eunice Syokau under unclear circumstances in a shop in Masii town, Mwala subcounty, last Saturday, July 22. He was the taken to hospital, only to be nabbed after he was discharged on 27th.

Mwala subcounty police commander Nancy Jerobon said the suspect had been locked up at Masii police station as investigations into the incident continue.
“Patrick Mwangi, who allegedly committed murder by stabbing his girlfriend, was discharged from Machakos Level 5 in stable condition. He has been detained at Masii police station awaiting processing to appear in court on Monday,” Jerobon told the Star by phone on Thursday.

Ms Eunice’s mother pleaded with authorities follow up the case until justice is done. “My daughter was murdered by her boyfriend on Saturday. He was her baby daddy and was pursuing the deceased for the child,” Nduku told reporters on Thursday.

“The two were living together before they separated and my daughter settled and opened a business in Masii town where he trailed and killed her while in pursuit of his child,” she added.

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