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Furious Tahidi high’s Omosh responds to Jalang’o

Famous Tahidi High actor Omosh also known as Kinuthia has finally broken his silence after social media backlash that has painted him in bad light.

Yesterday social media users took on him criticizing him after the claimed he is broke and need help three months after receiving more than one million.

In a TV interview with TV 47 Omosh claimed that he spent all the money given by well wishers to settle debts and that he just needed a camera and tripod to get back.

On his side comedian Jalang’o who single handedly led the drive to help Omosh faulted him for being careless and too much into drugs. Jalango said amount given to Omosh was over one million and his house is 80% complete. He promised to hand it over to him once complete so that he can sell it if he likes..

Gospel singer Ringtone asked Kenyans to stop contributing to Comedian saying the generosity is breeding lazyness. Some even asked him to drop the Omosh name since the name is associated with very respected people.

On his side Omosh faulted Jalang’o for using his plight to attract YouTube views. He further told Jalango to stop bragging pesa huisha .

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