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Armed Robbery on the rise in Nairobi.

Motorists are now being advised to be very vigilant when on the road. About 8:30 today morning an innocent citizen went unscathed from an attempted car-jacking at gunpoint in broad daylight on Limuru Road on her way to an appointment.

The marauder pulled a gun on her in the slower moving morning traffic and wanted her to let him into the car but she panicked and started screaming very, very loudly and uncontrollably, signaling other motorists who joined in on the cry for help to alert the Police.

Jane Doe was incredibly lucky as the bandit ran away to avoid being apprehended amid all the commotion – it could have gone horribly wrong were it not for the lady’s quick action of screaming ( Ladies take notes! )

Just yesterday, the manager of Prime Cuts, the butchery at VM stores around Parklands was not so lucky. Unknown assailants managed to get into his car, roughed him up and kidnapped him, finally letting him go after the owners of Prime Cuts paid them ransom money amounting to Ksh.100,000.

Limuru Road, Nairobi

There seems to be a very nasty gang on the prowl between Parklands, Muthaiga and Runda at present. So please be careful and stay alert. Keep your windows up and try not to stop even if someone tells you, “you have a flat tire,” as apparently they are also using this ploy to get you to stop, before making a move.

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