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Man jailed for threatening to chop employer’s head

A man has been given a 3-year jail term for threatening to chop off his employer’s head due to a delayed payment of Ksh 384,000.

The man Kipkirui Cheruiyot sent a text to his employer threatening to terminate his life at all costs. “What is remaining is to inform the police that I chop your head unless you pay me my money Sh384,000, no less no more. I, Zephaniah Kipkirui Cheruiyot so help me God,” reads the text send to Koech.

Mr Zephaniah Kipkirui Cheruiyot pleaded guilty of the offense of threatening to behead his employer Mrs Magret Koech for failing to pay him his money totaling to Sh384,000. Mr Zephaniah Kipkirui Cheruiyot asked the Milimani chief magistrate Susan Shitubi to be lenient on him since he acted out of emotions. The offender further said that the threats were informed by the fact that Mrs Magret Koech had continually postponed his pay for years.

On her part, magistrate Susan Shitubi was worried of the fact that cases involving employees and employers were on the rise, and so this one could not be treated differently. “I have taken into consideration that he is a first offender. I have also taken his mitigation into consideration,” the magistrate ruled. However, the cases of employees threatening to kill their employers have been rampant, this is a serious offence and the convict will serve three years in prison.” Kipkurui has 14 days to appeal.

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