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Woman stabbed to death for refusing free ride offer

Police are investigating an incident where a bodaboda rider stabbed a woman to death, after the latter denied his free ride offer.

The bodaboda rider is said to have come across three ladies in Beatrice Kilonzo, Mary Nanjala Indimuli and Lillian Akinyi. He asked them to accept his lift request for but the trio refused.

Two of them: Beatrice Kilonzo and Lillian Akinyi, walked hastily to ignore the the rider, leaving Mary Nanjala alone. That is the time the rider capitalized to bulldoze the lady into submission, and eventual murder.

Makadara Police commissioner told the press that the incident that took place on Tuesday, 1.30pm had left one victim dead after many attempts by the doctors to salvage the life of Mary Nanjala Indimuli behind.

Eye witnesses said that the attacker pulled out a knife, and repeatedly stabbed Ms Mary Nanjala Indimuli on her thigh and chest.
“She lost 6,000 shillings in cash, a handbag and a mobile phone. Mary was pronounced dead at Marter Hospital where she’d been rushed.

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