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Speaker Muturi wants church Covid-19 restrictions stopped

The Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has called for immediate removal of Covid restrictions affecting churches and other places of worship.

Speaking at the closing session of the county government public service board’s convention at the travelers beach hotel in Mombasa, Muturi said it was discriminatory to allow full capacity sitting in public service vehicles while restricting church attendance to two-thirds of full capacity.

The Speaker notes that churches and other religious places of worship are the most disciplined in observing Covid protocols yet they continue to face attendance restrictions.

“Even us politicians are not subjected to any Covid restrictions in our rallies, why restrain attendance in religious places of worship?” Muturi posed.

The Speaker made the remarks while presiding at the closing ceremony of the counties public service boards in a Mombasa hotel.
He told the government that places of worship play a noble duty in society and should be the first to be allowed full reopening.
Muturi, who has declared he would vie for the presidency on a Democratic Party ticket asked leaders to espouse integrity, honesty and order.

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