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Raila and Ruto responsible for massive corruption

By Gordon Opiyo

Ruto and Raila are 100% responsible for the mega theft by the Kenyattas. Between 2013 and 2017. The Kenyattas bought Ruto. His job after being bought was to defend anything and everything the Kenyattas did.

When the Kenyattas realized that Ruto was extremely ambitious and was going to match them in stealing, they decided to cut him to size…. And they decided to look for someone not very smart and ambitious. They wanted a dumb thief… The type that gets satisfied with a sumptuous plate of Ugali and a few nine nines, and a Chopper ride… So they settled on the Grandson of Shiundu Shitawa….

They bought him… And between 2018 and 2022 Grandson of Shiundu Shitawa defended Kenyattas in anything and everything.

Yes, we may be calling the Kenyattas thieves… But who enabled them???? Ruto and Raila are the chief and main enablers. And all those who support Ruto and Raila are the facilitators.
We are all to blame…….

So, you Ruto supporters… It is not time to gloat… Your man was kicked out because of threatening to match the world thiefing prowess of the Kenyattas…. And to you, the Raila supporters, your man was selected because of being bongo lala and kumbaff brain and easily satisfied with a few plates of Ugali and Chopper rides……

The Writer is a Journalist and famous political blogger in Kenya

Bachelor of Education Science graduate Physics and Maths. Part time teacher Pangani Girls

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