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Pomp as Raila Odinga launces Azimio Manifesto

Azimio Presidential candidate Raila Odinga today launched his campaign manifesto saying that its time to realize the Kenyan dream. The former prime Minister accompanied by party leaders from the entities that form the Azimio One Kenya Coalition outlined his plan for the country from manufacture, Agriculture, Energy, Technology, Youth and Women empowerment and says that his administration will not import those products that can be locally manufactured.

Raila pledged to revived the textile industries that was killed as a result of liberalisation and said that cotton growing will be revived to create employment for our youths. He also promised to grow other cash-crops like Cocoa and coconut and use the same to produce beverages. He pledged to enhance smart agriculture and ensure that our famers are happy saying that we will not import maize when our framers have maize in their storage. On Baba Care, Raila said healthcare will be a priority and pledged to encourage research to ensure that medicine is manufactured locally.On education Odinga promised free education from primary to University and promised to employ all trained but jobless teachers saying he knows where the funds will come from.

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