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Okoth Obado promises to teach Raila Odinga a political lesson

Migori governor today declared that he will run for presidency in 2022 after his second term as a governor.

The second term governor who was first elected on PDP ticket promised that he is confident Kenyans will elect him.

The governor believes that his development record as a will be his major strength. His administration has been ranked the best in Nyanza region as per the latest county ranking.

Governor Obado late last year narrowly escaped impeachement by ODM MCAs after intervention of former prime minister Raila Odinga. Obado however blamed Raila for his predicaments.

Governor Obado recently differed with AUs special envoy on Infrustructure over BBI, he questioned what luo Nyanza stand to benefit after the document is passed. According to Obado BBI is set to benefit Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta’s families only.

Obado asked the luo community to embrace different political believes, he said it’s time to consider fresh blood, he asked Raila Odinga to ensure there is internal democracy in ODM before pretending to be a Democrat.

Obado said he should not be underated and that he is ready to teach Raila Odinga a political lesson if he doesn’t support him.

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