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Okanda India Jacqueline: On the Trail for Transformation & Empowerment

Even before she had dreams of being a Teacher to make other people’s dreams a reality, Okanda India Jacqueline saw herself destined to serve people in more ways than in a classroom set up.

Born in a family of 12 and a married mother of two, she wears many hats all blended into her belief and conviction of selfless service to the community and beyond.

“Whether I’m teaching my children, my students, my friends and even people not familiar to me,I have always believed that my life purpose is centered around dignified service to the people”

Okanda India Jacqueline studied botany and zoology and has a master’s degree in Microbiology from Kenyatta university. She points to her own life as an example of what hard work, dedication, and above all her undying passion for service and development can be.

She has been involved in various projects that aim to uplift her community and even beyond. From sponsoring sports activities, donating trophies, teaching entrepreneurial skills in farming, and other relevant projects, she inspires and motivates others to find their passion and derive satisfaction from it.

“I embrace the opportunity to offer services to the people so they have a new perspective and experience in life”

She believes the lessons she has learned from her own experiences and relationships while Teaching and serving people allow her to offer valuable insights that resonate well with the community and people she interacts with who are having challenges.

A staunch Christian, she acknowledges God In her every achievement and wellbeing.

“I grew up in a strong Christian upbringing with very dedicated parents who stressed the need for belief in God and being responsible”

She hopes she shall continue doing more for her community and beyond in an even elevated capacity and as she says..”the sky remains a lower limit”.

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