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Kui Gitonga killed in a fatal road accident

The late Patricia Wangui Gitonga

Kenya Airways and the Biking Community in Kenya is mourning the loss of one of their own Patricia Wangui Gitonga KUI who was killed in a collision with an over speeding car.

At that time she was engaged in her new found favourite pastime riding with her fellow bikers in Kiserian Ngong on 21st November 2020.

Patricia Wangui Gitonga popularly known as KUI was the author of the book “Those That Came Before Us; Women Warriors” was knocked down and killed by a 19 year old motorist along Ngong road last weekend. According to friends who witnessed the accident, Patricia was killed by an over speeding red Vitz driven by a 19 year old driver who veered off his side of the road in Kiserian at around mid day. She was rushed to the nearest St Mary’s Hospital in Kiserian where she was declared dead.

Kui on her Machine

Lawyer Kennedy Marete aka Wakili Timam who is also a Biking enthusiast posted in the African Motorcycle Diaries facebook page; ” On Saturday, we lost our first ever lady biker to a collision with a recklessly driving maniac who lost control of his speeding car and veered into the path of our sister at a high rate of speed, side swiping and injuring her extensively. Those who knew our departed sister Kui Gitonga describe her as a caring and highly disciplined rider who touched their lives with indelible memories”.

Patricia’s body was taken to Montezuma mortuary in Nairobi and will be laid to rest on Tuesday 1st December 2020 at her parents home in Karatina Nyeri. There will be a memorial service at the Consolata Shrine on Monday 30th November 2020 from 2 pm. Kui who also works with Kenya Airways as a Cabin Crew joined the growing trend of bikers community in Kenya in September this year. the community which includes the Women Bikers Association is composed of young energetic Kenyan women who love to zoom and are liberated from having to spending hours in Nairobis’ traffic jams.

Donning black leather boots, guards, jackets and helmets, perhaps their only protection from the dangerous roads, the bikers. However the bikers who feel discriminated and harrased by motorists on Kenyan roads have called upon other road users to respect bikers whether professional or bodaboda riders, urging them to ‘SHARE THE ROAD. LOOK TWICE FOR MOTORCYCLES’.

There are currently more than five all female biker groups which have sprung up over the last few years, including the, Inked Sisterhood, Throttle Queens, Piki Dada and Heels of Steel. These women have a common bond and get involved in CSR activities such as Cancer awareness and promoting road safety. Patricia rode with Inked Sisterhood bikers who have have eulogize in their facebook page “Patricia Kui Gitonga was a daughter, a sister a friend a biker the author of “Those who came before Us” . For the time we knew her, we created come good memories, had laughs and bonded as a sisterhood, she will be missed dearly by the sisterhood. Ride with the Angels Kui“.

Kui’s book “Those that Came Before Us”

Patricia’s new found love for Motorbikes is evident by her last facebook post on 21st June 2020 “Sunday’s are for riding with my mother hen Lucy Monyenye  #chasinggreyskies.”

During the launch of her book in 2018, Kui gave an interview in the Nation newspaper where she said; “I believe in God, I believe we’re all spiritual beings connected to each other and to a higher force. A religious person is told what to do regardless of what is right. A spiritual person does what is right regardless of what he’s told to do.”

Tributes have poured from those who interacted with Kui locally and globally describing the late Kui as a jovial and loving person who lit her surrounding with her beauty and jovial smile.

In her message of condolence, Her Excellency Rachel Ruto wife to the Deputy President of Kenya in her message described Kui as a formidable spirit who gave herself to coach young upcoming riders and urged motorists to exercise great and extra caution on the the roads.

Kui with her friends at the Inked Sisterhood

The Executive Director of the Global Peace Foundation Kenya Mr. Daniel Juma Omondi in his tribute described Kui as a long time friend who was also a gifted writer.“I have known Kui since the year 2005 when I lived in South B before she joined Kenya Airways as a Cabin Crew.” says Juma

A supervisor at a local charity called Vitabu Vyetu which Kui supported hailed her as woman who loved children saying “ We remember Kui as the intelligent lady who contributed in the formulation, revision and implementation of our curriculum” Kui collected pens and stationery from her workplace and KQ colleagues, for the kids, because as she said ‘every pen counts!’

The last born and only girl in a family of 4, Patricia leaves behind her mother Anne Wairimu Gitonga, three brothers and a spouse Dries Roobroeck a Belgium national.

Faretheewell KUI

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