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Jordan’s King Abdullah calls for peace in Gaza at Cairo Peace Summit

Jordanian King Abdullah has criticized the ongoing war in Gaza and reminded the international community that the application of international law and human rights must be applied to both Israeli and Palestine civilians.

Speaking in Cairo Egypt at the ongoing Cairo Summit for Peace, King Abdullah called for the unequivocal displacement of millions of civilians in Gaza calling it a war crime. “Israeli leadership must realize once and for all that a state cannot thrive if its built on the foundation of injustice” Said King Abdullah

Abdullah highlighted the importance of establishing a comprehensive framework for peace, one that is built upon mutual respect, dialogue, and understanding. He stressed that the time has come for nations to set aside their differences and embrace a collective vision for a prosperous and secure Middle East.

The Cairo Summit for Peace hosted by Egypt commenced yesterday in the Egyptian capital, bringing together key regional leaders in a concerted effort to foster harmony and stability in the Middle East. The summit is expected to continue for several days, during which participating leaders will engage in extensive discussions, negotiations, and deliberations aimed at finding common ground and formulating strategies to address the complex challenges confronting the region.

As the summit progresses, the world watches with anticipation, hoping that the collective efforts of regional leaders will yield tangible results and pave the way for a brighter and more harmonious future in the Middle East.

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