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DJ: Ugenya MP has no moral authority to lecture on rights

Former Ugenya aspirant Daniel Juma Omondi has criticized Ugenya MP David Ochiengs’ recent criticism of the government during a meeting held recently to commemorate SabaSaba in Limuru Kenya.

In a statement posted in his facebook page, Juma says that the MP Lacks the temerity, moral authority, wherewithal, and capacity to lecture the government on matters human rights since he neither believes in nor subscribes to the basic tenets of human rights.

He says the Ugenya Member or parliament who was his competitor in the April 2019 Ugenya by-elections

1. Presides over a system that is not transparent and denies the Ugenya constituents their constitutionally guaranteed right of access to information that would help them make informed assessment on the way NGCDF funds has been utilized in the last 7 years;

2. Maintains employees paid by the tax payer who insults critics whose only “mistake” is to demand accountability in the management of public funds by the Ugenya NGCDF

3. Presides over a NG-CDF committee which does not openly publish tenders in line with procurement regulations effectively concealing public fiscal information from the people of Ugenya. (…/constitue…/constituency/232-ugenya)

4. Refused to decline appointment to a health committee in the National Assembly previously occupied by his predecessor who belonged to a party or coalition that he doesn’t caucus then cried foul when NASA coalition attempted to reasign the committee seat to another coalition member.

During the recent Sabasaba celebrations in Lumuru, the Ugenya MP accused the government of gross violation of human rights, co-option of political parties into government, and undermining devolution through administrative and legal impediments.

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